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Truetec is a new company, started in December 2015.

At first Truetec is a specialist in technical solutions, director Marco Kramer had a unique sense for innovations and finds new technologies to help existing processes to a higher level.


He is founder to detect contaminated refrigerant gasses and we are proud supplying the Refrigerant Risk Assessment (RRA) test tubes and related parts to contribute to safety of those who have to work with it.

Next to the harbour related business we found our way in safety inspections. We are certified to perform inspections on several key point which has a synergistic effect when inspecting a building. All aspect come together and with a practical approach we can help our customers directly when needed.

Secondly Truetec is a worldwide wholesale trade of Containers, Reefers, Rerigerants, Cables, Spare parts and Generator Sets used for the refrigeration industry & containers.

One of our goals is research and development of new technologies for energy, water treatment and climate solutions. The possibilities are endless, let's do this!



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